First LGBT School in UK Soon Opens It’s Door In Manchester

First school for young people from LGBT community will open it’s doors in the next 3 years in Manchester.

The school will be located in the city centre, and it will be marked as special school, and the plan is to have capacity for 40 students from Manchester for full time students, and additional 20 students that would like to attend LGBT school along with the regular schools.

“It is the fight for lives. Even though there are laws that protect gay people from homophobia and violence, the truth is that especially in schools violence quite often makes young people to feel isolated and unwanted. That leads to students not going to school and in worst cases to suicide” – says Amelia Lee, the strategic director of organization Young LGBT from North and West.

Last September 14-year-old Elisabeth Love has hang herself in park in Manchester because she was too afraid to tell her parents that she is gay.

As state by the organization the school will be specially created so young people from LGBT circles could feel safe, however it’s doors will be open for everyone in some form or another, not just the LGBT kids.