8 Morale Boosters Your Employees Need During A Pandemic

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The pandemic has affected a lot of people in several ways. Aside from its effect on one’s health, it has affected us financially. Almost all industries were affected (retail shops, car dealerships, mortgage companies). Almost everyone took a tremendous financial hit.

And then others were affected emotionally and mentally with depression and anxiety. Mainly due to all the uncertainty that this pandemic has brought.

Have you checked on your employees? How are they doing? For your business to survive, you need to make sure your people are in the right place and frame of mind.

8 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Morale While We’re Still in This Pandemic

1. Provide easy access to basic amenities in the workplace.

Since the best way to fight the disease is by observing proper hygiene and sanitation, placing amenities such as hand sanitizers all around the workplace can help give your employees some peace of mind.

Employ strict guidelines in the workplace. Make sure your offices are set-up to promote social distancing and hygiene. Make sanitizing agents easily accessible to everyone so they can wipe down their desks and other nearby surfaces.

2. Open the communication lines with your team.

Make sure that the lines of communication between you and your team are open. It will help boost their confidence in your company if you keep them well-informed and updated regarding any changes in the company policies and operational system.

3. Take time to listen to their concerns and do your best to understand them.

Communication is a two-way street. It is not just enough that you are communicating with them frequently, but it is also vital that you hear them out. Take time to talk to your staff and find out where they are emotionally, mentally, and physically. Hear out their concerns and take note of these.

Although understandably, not all of their concerns can be immediately addressed, the fact that you took the time to listen to them tells them that they matter to you.

4. Be a source of inspiration and encouragement to them.

Be one of the highlights of their day by maintaining a positive attitude throughout this season. Easier said than done, yes, we know, but the mere act of saying a kind and encouraging word at the right time is enough to reinforce their morale and confidence positively.

5. Maintain a clean and orderly workplace.

As we continue to face the global health crisis, one of our primary weapons is cleanliness and hygiene. A clean and sanitized workplace helps build confidence not just in your workers but in your customers as well. This shows them that you value their health and safety by keeping an orderly and sanitized environment to do business in.

6. Establish more flexible working arrangements.

As social distancing protocols are still in place, companies find it necessary to come up with specific working arrangements always to keep business going and, at the same time, protect the workers’ health.

Working arrangements such as allowing your people to work from home or in shifts will still let them earn as they comply with the CDC’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Business people in discussion7. Celebrate them and recognize their achievements.

This might seem like a trivial thing, but whenever you recognize their hard work or celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, they feel valued and significant. A person that feels important in the workplace is motivated to do more and be more for the company.

8. Regularly check on how they’re handling the stress level and anxiety and offer the necessary emotional and mental support.

The pandemic we’re faced with has triggered depression, panic attacks, and anxiety in a lot of people, especially those with mental health issues. Some of your workers might have gone through some nasty episodes during the lockdown and perhaps even at present.

Take time to check on them and see how they’re doing. If they’re going through some emotional or mental stress right now, offer some sort of support for them, such as referring them to professional counselors to help them process their anxieties. Have a support group at the workplace that they can identify with and walk through this challenging time with.

At this point, more than ensuring your business’ success, it’s more important to take care of your people. They are the lifeline of your business. Do right by them, and they will do right by you.

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