Advanced Online Jobs for Students

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Advanced technology has increased the number of online jobs for students. They can now earn money at the comfort of their dorms or apartments during their downtime. An online job gives you great flexibility. Herein is a list of online jobs that will assist you to offset the school expenses:

Start a Blog

A student with a penchant for writing could choose to blog. They need to research a niche that makes money and build relevant content that will attract more traffic with time. You can make more money from ads that pop up when readers are enjoying your piece. With a significant number of readers, be sure to draw in some passive income.

In blogs, you don’t need perfection; write the same as you talk and ensure the information is valuable and will get people thirsting for more. You only need to give interesting and new information that many people might not know, and that would make your blog a hit for many readers.

Freelance Writer

Some students may not be patient with blogs; they will prefer freelance writing to get instant money after a nice piece. You can collect a fair amount of money through writing; you just need to charge the correct rate. Currently, there is a significant need for the writer to roll out relevant content for marketing strategies. Companies want to build trustworthy rapport with their clients through quality content. ;

It might also be a good idea to upskill your writing by taking a short certification course. There’s plenty on offer online such as grant writing certification or creative writing courses. Some of these courses are even free, while others only require a minimal fee. By taking these courses, you can easily charge more for your work, and your clients will have peace of mind knowing they’ll be getting quality work that would help them reach their goals.

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Virtual Assistant

Just like an office assistant, a virtual assistant will do the secretarial/ administrative work virtually. Here, you only need to have excellent communication and organizational skills. Those skills are easily acquired as a student. Apart from working from home, you would also need to be highly efficient, organized, and dependable.

A virtual assistant does jobs like scheduling appointments, filing records, bookkeeping, social media, answering office calls from home, among other administrative duties. If you handle a good number of clients, it’s a gold mine. Services can include email management, content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, and more!


For transcriptions, a student is required to type fast. You listen to a recording and write down what you hear. If you’re known for your excellent typing skills this can be a great job. Transcribing is a job that works in one’s favor. You can earn between $5-$30 per hour, depending on how fast you type. Here, the key is to be remarkably accurate and be attentive to detail. It works in your favor: The faster you type, the more you earn per hour.

Data Entry

Do you have accurate typing and computer skills? Data entry is a great online job for you-a straightforward and easy job to execute during your spare time and make money. There are a lot of such positions on websites like Guru, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and more!

For students who are willing to work, these online jobs can be lucrative. They set you on your career path if you select correctly. We live in an era where you get an accredited certificate online-no hustle and bustle of commuting to school, thus more time to do part-time online jobs. Making a living from your own house is incredible.

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