Are You Claiming Your Insurance? Here Are 3 Things You Have to Bear in Mind

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Life would be so much simpler if claiming your insurance is a straightforward process. Injured? Hospitalized? Just call your insurance company, and they’ll cover the costs ASAP. Where money is involved, however, it’s unlikely to be as simple as that.

Claiming the money you need requires a little savvy on your end. You have to understand every step of the process and know how to maximize this opportunity. This way, you can cut as much of your expenses as possible. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to claim at all. But just in case the unexpected happens, it’ll be to your peace of mind to know exactly what you need to do.

Understand the Process

Making a claim can get complicated depending on the reason you’re doing it. Any crime necessitating police intervention warrants that you put your personal safety first. Let them handle the crime scene and get an incident number or police report number for when you contact your insurance company.

Once you file a claim, your insurer will check it against your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see if it’s valid. You should have a copy of this and know beforehand what incidents or circumstances are included in your insurance coverage. Just because it’s proven to be valid doesn’t mean they’ll send the money right away. They can send down people to investigate, or they will ask you for sufficient proof.

This can take as long as ten to twenty business days, depending on the situation, which is why those who have filed for claims before making sure to take photo or video documentation when they are making a new claim. Knowing exactly what your insurance company will require from you will lessen the burden on your shoulders.


Do It Quickly

To shorten your waiting time, file a claim as soon as you’ve gathered enough information about the incident. Doing so will enable your insurance company to assess your situation and process your claim right away. Any delay can significantly lower the amount you’ll receive because the lapsed time might have already worsened the damage or loss.

It’s also important that you check your policy for time limits. Some policies accept claims for only a certain period of time following an incident. Speak to your agent about this to understand when and if this applies to you.

Stay on Top of Legalities

Not all insurance companies are created equal. If you’re not so lucky, you bought your insurance from a less credible brand. This could mean that, when involved in an accident in your hometown of California, you might end up failing to get the coverage you deserve.

The investigator or adjuster assigned to your case could make decisions that reduce your claim to a couple of thousand or even just hundreds of dollars. This can happen when the other party involved is a big corporation with fine lawyers at their disposal.

In these kinds of situations, it’s best to get a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will ensure that you get what you legally deserve, especially when faced with insurance companies and corporations that intend to cheat you of your claim.

The More You Know, the Better

There’s no telling when you might need to file a claim. Brush up on your knowledge about insurance, talk to people who’ve worked with insurance companies before, and have a ready list of lawyers you can contact if things go downhill. No one is ever sorry for taking extra precautions.

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