Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in 4 Ways

motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are great means of transportation because they can wiggle through tight spots, are easy to maneuver, cheap to maintain, and offer a unique kind of freedom and exhilarating feeling that no other motorized vehicles can offer. However, it is undeniable that they are also highly prone to accidents because of their small size in relation to cars and other large vehicles.

That is why it’s not uncommon to see motorcycles getting involved in crashes and other types of accidents. In fact, around 75% of all motorcycle-related accidents involve collisions with other vehicles, specifically cars.

For riders who got involved in such a scenario, a reputable motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Denver or any other place is an indispensable ally to ensure that the riders’ best interests are protected. The injury lawyer knows how to handle such a case by gathering facts and pieces of evidence related to the accident, as well as preparing the necessary arguments on behalf of the client. This way, the client can win the case and obtain proper compensation to cover the costs of hospitalization, repairs, and even tort damages.

But can you avoid being in a motorcycle accident in the first place? Yes, you can. Here are four tips on how you can stay safe on the road:

Do a pre-ride check each time

Many crashes occur because the riders’ motorcycles are not road-worthy in the first place. You can avoid this by checking your motorcycle each time you go out for a ride. Among other things, check the tire pressure and condition, brakes, lights, fluid levels, and horn. Only when you’re 100% certain that everything is properly working and in excellent condition should you head out for your destination.

Don’t drink and drive

While this is supposed to be common-sensical, a lot of riders nonetheless seem to disregard this golden rule and take a swig before riding their motorcycles. How sober you are when riding your machine is a great factor in your ability to make split-second decisions during possible collisions. So, be sure to never drink liquor when you’re riding your motorcycle. If you can’t avoid it, simply rest for a few hours until the effect of the liquor has fully subsided and you’ve already regained your full mental and physical functions.

Consider enhancing your riding skills

No matter how experienced and skilled you think you already are, there are still things about riding a motorcycle that you can learn. If you have the means and time, consider enroling in a safety driving course offered by many foundations and rider groups.  This will help you improve your riding skills so you will be better prepared to respond to road challenges and hazards.

Drive defensively

close up hand a man hold manual brake and stop

Defensive driving is easily one of the driving skills that could help save your life and limbs each time you mount your ride. In a study, it was found out that in cases of vehicle crashes involving cars and motorcycles, car drivers are the guilty party 60% of the time.

Knowing this, you have to always be on guard for cars that change lanes abruptly, make sudden stops, and do other dangerous driving maneuvers that could potentially lead to a collision. If you can, always maintain a safe distance from all cars around you so you’ll have ample reaction time in case their drivers make quick lane changes, turns, or stops.

Safety should be your priority. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding motorcycle crashes whenever you hit the open roads.

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