Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Employees for Your Business

hiring seasonal employees

All businesses experience fluctuations in demand.

Whether your business provides a product or a service, you will see changes in the number of your customers. If you’re in the retail business, the busiest time of the year for you will be during the Christmas holiday period. If you’re a business that deals with lawn care and landscaping, you get more customers during the warmer months.

If the demand for your product/service changes a lot then you should consider hiring seasonal workers. You can get help from services offering general labor staffing to find the right workers for your business.

Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Employees

Here are some of the advantages that the hiring of seasonal employees can bring to your business:

Workforce Flexibility

The main benefit that seasonal employees can bring to your business is workforce flexibility. You can have the right number of employees at the right time to meet the demands that your business is facing.


To meet the demands of a workload that is changing constantly with a fixed workforce, you will have to hire more people than you need for most of the year. In other words, you’re going to be paying for employees who may not be doing any work at all, at some point. By hiring seasonal employees only when you need them, you can save a lot of money.

No Need for Training and Onboarding

Seasonal employees are normally handled by general labor staffing services and agencies. There is no need for you to train them or to have them go through a thorough process of onboarding. That takes some of the administrative responsibilities away from you, allowing you to focus more on other tasks required for running your business.

It’s Good for Employee Morale

When there is an increase in the workload and you don’t add to your workforce, your employees will feel overworked and stressed. That can lead to a variety of issues, from health problems and loss of productivity, to demoralization which can cause an increase in attrition.

With the cost of an employee resigning being around 33% of that employee’s annual salary, you want to keep your regular employees happy. So, to keep them from being overworked, it’s better to hire seasonal employees when there is more work.

No Overtime

When there is an increase in the workload and you stick to your normal number of employees, you will have to pay for overtime. That can be very costly in the long run. It is more affordable to hire temporary workers to deal with the increase in the workload.


Hiring a regular employee is always a risk. Despite all your efforts to find the right person to hire you can end up with the wrong choice and it’s not that easy to fire a regular employee. With seasonal workers, on the other hand, you can just ask the agency for a replacement.

They Can Start Right Away

start job

Staffing agencies have a pool of workers that they can send to you and start working immediately. If you need work done right away, hiring seasonal workers is a good move.

These are just some of the advantages that you can get from hiring seasonal workers. No one said that running a business was an easy thing. Dealing with changes in demands and workloads can be a nightmare. Hiring seasonal workers is the best solution for dealing with changing workloads in various industries.

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