What Business Processes Should Your Business Consider Automating?

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Everyone wants to tackle tedious tasks in an easier, faster, and more efficient way. With the increasing demand of consumers for better quality products and services, it only makes sense that businesses try new technologies to support their goals. This is where business process automation measures come into play.

Today’s technology allows brands from different industries to automate certain business processes. By automating business processes, you can focus on your business goals instead of spending a lot of time working on repetitive tasks. With automation, brands actually save more money in the long run while improving their business process.

But the question is, which processes are worth automating and why? This will depend on your business type and industry. This can also depend on your budget and willingness to embrace the right kind of tech. Here are four examples of business processes many brands already successfully automated.


Different brands across many industries use prototyping to design ideas they can implement. From paper to digital, one can build experimental models to test their ideas before finalizing the product. Protytping manually can take hours, only for workers to accomplish a few pieces at a time.

With robotic automation, you can build lots of prototypes with the same quality in a shorter period. This makes prototyping seamless and error-free. Businesses can leverage PCB assembly for prototypes and small productions.

A set of automated assembly machines will ensure you can get your hands on your desired prototypes with speed and quality in mind. If investing in your own assembly line is not an option, there are other ways to get it done. For most companies, this means outsourcing printed circuit board assembly services.

Hiring Process

One critical process involved in all types of business is the hiring process. With all the steps involved just to hire the right candidate for an open position in your business, it can easily tire your Human Resources department. They can end up losing precious time that should also be used to cater to your existing employee’s needs.

Automating certain functions of your hiring process will enable you to ensure consistency. This will help provide candidates with a fair and engaging experience. You also get to eliminate unnecessary tasks and streamline the process.

Note that automation won’t replace your recruiters. This only helps them manage repetitive tasks like resume screening along with scheduling interviews. This will only guide and help them to create better decisions, improve their efficiency, and even ensure no common hiring biases will stop the right candidates from getting eliminated during the hiring process.

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Sales/CRM Process

Most businesses focus on client acquisition in order to grow their brand. The problem is, acquiring customers is never easy. Communicating with prospective clients, learning about their expectations, understanding their needs, nurturing relationships, and offering your offers can be tricky.

The sales process can be a lengthy one, with many of your sales team playing a crucial role to convert target audiences into customers. By automating sales workflow, you can save more time, improve the accuracy of your sales process, and ensure consistency. This is very important since there should be no room for error during the sales process.

According to a study, sales representatives only spend 37% of their time selling. This means that they are spending more time on admin tasks outside their original roles. Embracing automation will help ensure your sales force is actually engaging with your clients and converting leads.

Email Marketing

Sending the right message to the right recipients at the right time is crucial for your brand’s marketing success. But then, such a process can be extremely time-consuming. This is especially true if you want a personalized approach.

But with email automation, running personalized emails and keeping your audiences engaged is easy. You can get rid of manual campaigns that are often sent to virtually all people in your email list. You can select schedules, the right prospects, and the kind of emails you want them to receive and get that peace of mind knowing all emails are sent accordingly.

A study conducted in 2019 by SmarterHQ states that up to 72% of clients will only respond to company emails customized to their interests. This means more than half of customers want to receive emails that target their interests. With email automation, you can easily boost your sales by sending customers personalized emails.

There are certain tasks that are not meant to be automated. This includes processes with unpredictable operational costs, are subject to methodology changes, and tasks that are due for fundamental changes. If you want your business to nurture growth and development, then it is time you embrace change and start considering automation to be part of your brand.

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