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The most valuable resource an organization has is its human resources, also known as the employees. Without their hard work, there wouldn’t be satisfied customers, and without satisfied customers, businesses would fail.

This is why it’s important to remember that employee experience matters. Organizations that want to succeed shouldn’t only focus on pleasing their customers, but their employees as well. One way to do this is by paying attention to the perks your organization gives its employees.

The Perks of Perks

The benefits and perks you offer to employees say a lot about your company culture. Benefits, of course, are the most necessary and valuable to employees. These include health insurance and paid time off.

Perks, on the other hand, are your organization’s prerogative and something that makes your work environment fun and exciting. They are also a valuable recruitment marketing tool. Using an applicant tracking software, you can highlight your company’s perks when you publish job vacancies online. By doing so, you let potential employees know that you value not only what they could bring to the table but also their happiness and wellbeing.

We list here some of the perks employees actually want, which your organization should consider offering them (if you don’t already do it).

1. Flexible Work Schedule

There’s no doubt that working in an office environment encourages teamwork and face-to-face communication. Still, 63 percent of households with children in the U.S. have both parents employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means these parents have to sacrifice their time to be with their children and have to find childcare just so they could work.

This is why a flexible work schedule, including the ability to work from home, is a valuable perk for employees. Through this, employees can balance their personal and professional responsibilities better. What’s more, you might find that employees are more productive on their own schedule instead of being chained to a desk during the traditional 9 to 5 work hours.

2. Child Care Assistance

As established earlier, two in three households with children have both parents working. If your organization has many members who are parents and working from home isn’t an option, then child care assistance is a perk you should consider offering.

Your organization can provide child care stipends or even create a daycare room for your employees’ small children. With child care secured, employees who are parents can focus on their tasks better instead of stressing out about the wellbeing of their child.

3. Career Development Program

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Your employees want to know that they won’t be stuck doing the same thing for five years and that they have career advancement opportunities. Establishing a career development program, including inviting industry experts to speak and impart knowledge, keeping a library of essential development books, and sending your employees to training, help your employees do their job more effectively.

As a result, they can take on additional responsibilities. Couple this with opportunities for upward mobility and your employees become more engaged with the organization. The money you spend on their training will not go to waste.

In today’s professional landscape, a competitive salary can only go so far. Offering perks, on top of a handsome benefits package, is integral to creating a work environment that encourages employees to stay and be more valuable. Through these workplace extras, you help not only your employees but your bottom line down the road as well.

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