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If there is one, positive thing that the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 taught is the absolute need for industries to adopt digital tools and solutions in their business practices. Whether it’s creating apps for their clients or using online systems to maximize their internal business efficiency, digital tools aren’t just a trend: it’s a necessity in navigating the modern world.

Thankfully, schools are equipped to train future experts in the fields of information technology, computer science, and computer engineering, highly technical disciplines that are essential in creating the modern world.

Here are just a few reasons a degree in these fields are great ways to ensure a prosperous future for yourself.

The World is Going Digital

Obtaining a degree in a computer science or computer engineering related field can be a highly lucrative opportunity, even for entry-related jobs, due to its highly technical aspect. Despite that, you can obtain a Bachelor of Information Technology degree online from reputable schools. Some experts even recommend getting it online, if only to reinforce the technical computer skills you’ll be learning along the way.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company in any industry today, be it local or international, that isn’t using some form of digital or computer-related solutions. Whether it’s to streamline their business process or as a way for them to improve their customer experience, digital tools are an absolute necessity in conducting business in the 21st century.

From New York and London to Singapore and Manila, the world’s industries are now completely reliant on people creating, maintaining, and improving computer systems and infrastructures. Experts in information technology, computer engineering, and other disciplines in computer sciences are essential to keeping the digital world up and running.

It’s Your Gateway to International Employers

Here’s the thing about computer science and computer engineering related jobs: in a post-pandemic, new normal world, you can work for international employers from the comfort of your own home. Yes, you would need to invest in an advanced computer setup if you’re planning to work for a company that relies heavily on coding or other highly technical computer science related fields, but in general, a simple, computer setup would suffice.

Although local employers are starting to offer competitive salaries, at the moment, international companies still pay a nominally higher salary to its employees, thanks to the foreign exchange rate. This is a setup that benefits both parties: local employees get paid a higher-than-average salary while the company pays lower-than-average salaries and taxes.

Of course, you would still need a portfolio that shows off your technical expertise, but with the right degree in a computer science or computer engineering related field, this shouldn’t be a problem.

A Continuous Source of Income

Whether you choose to work for a local or international employer, one thing is certain: a job in a computer science or computer engineering related company is not only lucrative, it’s also a continuous source of income.

Again, the entire world is making the shift to digital, whether it’s for their internal business practices, digital marketing efforts, or simply to make their customer experience a better one. There will be no shortage of companies and brands that you can help transition into the digital business space, and even then, maintaining their digital efforts is a full-time job.

As technology continues to improve, newer computer infrastructures will start to become available to both consumers and businesses, which also means that the world is going to need tech experts who can help them navigate these new digital systems. It’s safe to say that a job in a computer science or computer engineering related company isn’t just a ‘job’: it’s a life-long career.

Help Digitize the Economy

Global economies are starting to show signs of life. Companies and corporations across all industries are starting to lift cities into new heights, and a big driver in that growth is businesses adopting digital tools and adapting to a digital-first international business space.

Technical experts in the information technology, computer science, and computer engineering disciplines will be essential in helping cities transition its economy into the digital world, and in the process, help bolster existing industries, and maybe even create new ones.

Experts say that “the future is digital”; however, it’s best to say that it is the present that is digital, from social media and apps to CRM’s and online tools, the necessity of digital tools and solutions cannot be overstated. The future is now, and going digital is the only way forward.

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