Consider These Career Paths amid this Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted millions of lives, countless businesses and industries, and entire countries across the world. The pandemic has forced numerous workers and employees to do some soul-searching to discern whether they have the skills needed to thrive after COVID-19. Additionally, some individuals actually had to reinvent their careers to remain employed and have money to put food on their tables. Simply put, the pandemic really had tested the strength of character, skills, and ingenuity of countless workers everywhere.

Whether you’re among those thinking of ways to change careers right now or you’re just a fresh graduate trying to figure out the best job post to apply to, here are eight career options to choose from:

  1. Nurse.

    In an article posted on Glassdoor’s website, a job as a Registered Nurse is the most in-demand occupation related to the pandemic. This is hardly a surprise considering how vital healthcare workers are in the government’s fight against the deadly virus. Among the job openings posted on Glassdoor for February 29 and March 7, there were 23 and 76 openings, respectively, for registered nurses. These figures account for a sizeable 25 percent of all job posts for the said dates, which easily dwarfed all other occupations.

  2. Psychologist.

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic took its toll not only on peoples’ finances and health but also on their mental health. Due to long days of being forced to stay at home and the fear and uncertainty with their physical safety and financial security, countless individuals suffered mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendency. These people needed a professional who can give them sound advice concerning their condition and prescribe medication to help them cope with the immense stress they’re experiencing. As such, psychologists are pretty much in demand right now and for the foreseeable future as we’re still practically battling the deadly illness.

  3. Doctor.

    Alongside nurses, doctors are also among the most sought-after healthcare professionals during the pandemic. These include general practitioners, cardiologists, and doctors of osteopathic medicine. This is why traditional and osteopathic medical schools have been busy promoting their programs to attract as many students as possible. If you have a Bachelor’s degree belonging to pre-med courses or you’re already about to become a licensed physician, then you’re definitely on the right career path.

  4. Construction worker.

    While it’s easy to assume that the world will halt to a complete stop and building projects will cease, the construction industry actually remained stable even at the height of the pandemic. This is one reason why a career in this industry is among the brightest spots in the employment sector right now. Whether it’s as a heavy machine operator, foreman, electrical engineer, or civil engineer, you can hardly go wrong picking a career path in this industry.

  5. Logistics personnel.

    Another excellent career option during this pandemic is as a logistics employee. During the lengthy lockdowns, people increased their online shopping activities as they sought to buy essential food and medical supplies at the comfort and safety of their residences. As a result of the trend, the logistics sector saw a sharp rise in employment opportunities. Accordingly, you can work as a delivery driver, a warehouse manager, or any other open position in the logistics industry that fits your skills and credentials.

  6. Healthcare specialist.

    Doctors and nurses are not the only healthcare workers that are sought after by many employers. Physical therapists, anesthesiologists, medical examiners, and hospice and palliative medicine specialists are just a few of the healthcare specialists in demand these days. Accordingly, a job in this specific segment should be among your top considerations.

  7. Certified public accountant.

    A job as a certified public accountant (CPA) is yet another outstanding career path to consider right now. As companies and business owners became more cautious about their financial standings in a volatile situation, they needed accountants to look after their business records. CPAs are trained and licensed for the specific tasks required in financial and business accounting, so they are among the most resilient workers amid the pandemic.

  8. Public safety worker.

    Besides healthcare employees, public safety workers are also needed by countless agencies as COVID-19 still rages on. Public safety employees include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and many others called frontline workers. Thus, make sure to include them in your list of career paths to take.

These opportunities are as essential as the next ones in times of crisis. Which of these career options appeal and call out to you the most? Please leave a comment below.

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