Dealing with Your Car Insurance Company After an Accident


Have you experienced talking to an insurance company when you are making a claim? Whether it is a health or car insurance company, it’s such a pain to deal with them because they would do anything to free themselves of the trouble of helping you out. Sometimes, it feels better to just pay off the repairs from your own pocket rather than talk to an insurance agent. But it should not be that way, and you should not let insurance agencies get away with not fulfilling your claims.

Whenever you are in doubt, call a car accident attorney in West Jordan, Utah. They know exactly how to deal with insurance companies that do not want to cooperate with the claimant. They can advise you on the best course of action to take against the other party in the accident, as well as on how to deal and negotiate with the insurance company.

Collect All the Evidence

You need to collect all the necessary evidence for your case. You need to get a report from the police station that handles your case. You need the contact number of the investigator heading the case, as well as that of the other party. You need photos. You also need to clarify the timeline of what happened. You have to prepare all necessary documents, including the car registration, insurance policy documents, driver’s licenses, etc.

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Research the Cost of Repair

A claims adjuster will usually make an offer lower than the cost of the repairs for your car. You do not have to accept this offer. You can take your car instead to a trusted mechanic so that you can get a more accurate estimate of how much you need to get your car in working order again. To assess how much the insurance company owes you, you need the right information on how much it will cost to repair the car. You can bring the car to as many mechanics and body shop centers as you want so that you arrive at a figure you think adequately reflects what needs to be done to your vehicle.

Argue a Betterment Offer

If you have an old car, chances are that some of its parts may not be available on the market anymore. When an accident happens, new parts will be required to repair the car. The value of your car will supposedly increase because of these new parts. The insurance company will charge you the excess value to reduce the costs that they will cover.

Again, you do not have to say yes all the time. You can argue that the new parts will not add value to your car. To do that, you need a mechanic or car expert to testify for you.

Remember not to be too friendly with the car insurance agent and claims adjuster. You might say something that will jeopardize the case. You should also be careful of the statements you make to people who may be questioned about the accident.

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