Smart Ways to Protect Your Delivery Drivers

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Any business that offers delivery services should have a proper safety and protection plan for all their drivers. While going on the road is your people’s job, it’s your part to also ensure that the necessary procedures are taken to maintain a high safety standards. Your delivery riders are a vital asset to your business services. Not only do they ensure complete transport of goods, but they also act as a brand ambassador and your contact point to customers.

More so, reducing the safety risks for your delivery drivers is also a smart way of protecting your business from different expenses such as property damage, liability, medical care, and lost productivity. Take these tips into account to help you ensure the safety of your delivery drivers and reduce potential road accidents and expenses.

1. Prevent driver fatigue

For many workers, fatigue is one of the hardest battles that they need to face if they want to earn more (or just enough) to make a living. For a business that offers delivery services, it highly essential to ensure that your drivers won’t reach that point. Why? If they’re fatigued, they are three times more likely to be in a crash. Prevent such incidents from occurring by encouraging your drivers to get at least seven hours of sleep. Relying on caffeine can only worsen fatigue and disrupt sleep patterns.

Ensure that your people also watch for signs of fatigue, especially when they are driving, from highway hypnosis, reduced reaction time, and missed turns to yawning and drowsiness. In such situations, taking a road break or nap should be highly encouraged.

2. Set physical safety guidelines

Regardless of how experienced your drivers may seem, it’s vital that you still train them when it comes to safe delivery trips. One safety guideline you can impose is not servicing to areas that are obviously unsafe such as rear entrances, dark alleys, snow hazards, and icy walkways. You should also look out for floods and heavy rain, so always be alert to the current weather conditions.

Next, educate your drivers about the importance of handling cash with proper caution. As much as possible, bank deposits shouldn’t be made alone and the amount of cash they carry must be limited. If you can eliminate the cash transactions, the better. Lastly, your drivers should only park in well-lit locations and make deliveries in well-lit entrances.

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3. Implement safe driving policies

The fact of the matter is, your delivery drivers are not the only one account if they cause a road accident. You are too. To protect your business and your drivers, you should also impose safe driving program within your company. First easy to follow guideline you can include is preventing distracted driving by avoiding texting or phone calls when on the road. They should also have a valid driver’s license with them and a good driving record.

It’s crucial that they are also aware of defensive driving strategies, from wearing seat belts to following local and state traffic laws. Note that it’s best if the company owns the delivery vehicles, which should be insured and in a safe running state.

4. Plan for unexpected road accidents

Road accidents are called accidents for a reason—they can be unpredictable or inevitable. While there are actions that you can take to minimize them, it’s still recommended that your business is prepared for such misfortunes. First thing you need is to avail of the right auto insurance coverage to protect your fleet from expensive repairs. If you operate a physical store, it’s best to also get a general liability insurance to protect you from costly medical expenses in case someone gets injured within your premises.

You’d also want to have a competent lawyer by your side to help you with several legal issues such as personal injury claims. For one, you can consult a personal injury lawyer to get first-hand knowledge regarding claims you or your team may face, from car accidents to premises liability. Furthermore, as to avoid, employment-related cases, be sure your workplace follows the local, state, and federal laws or requirements. Wrongful employment practices cannot only cause expensive legal cases but also reputational damage. For this, you can seek professional advice from an employment lawyer or human resource consultant.

If you want to offer on-time and smooth delivery service to your customers, it’s crucial that you first focus on protecting the safety of your drivers. Make an effort to educate your people about the best road safety practices and financially protect your business by considering these simple suggestions.

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