Effective Ways to Help Your Child Figure Out Their Career

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the economy was good; job-hopping, especially among young people, was common. Job-hopping refers to spending less than two years in a job position to find a new one within the company or in a new enterprise. According to a recent survey of employees, around 64 percent of respondents stated that changing jobs every few years or so was beneficial. The advantage was mostly for higher pay. It was definitely the norm, as a survey by Robert Half found that more than half of CFOs in Singapore are willing to hire candidates with histories of job-hopping.

Eventually, human resources experts say, these workers will plateau. They’ll be overpriced for the positions they’re gunning for, but they also don’t have the necessary experience for it. More and more employers are taking note of job hoppers, too, as they don’t want to invest in employees that don’t remain loyal. Plus, if they don’t find a job that they’re passionate about, they’ll just end up dissatisfied about their work.

Being indecisive about one’s career path happens earlier than you expect. A survey of U.S. college students found that over 80 percent of respondents changed their major at least once. This is because they don’t have the experience yet to find out what they truly want in their career.

You don’t want your kid to waste their youth, hopping from job to job just to find the work that they’re satisfied with. And you definitely don’t want them to be rejected by companies because of this habit. As such, it’s important to help your child find out their ideal career early in their lives.

Here are the dos and don’ts of helping your kid find the job of their dreams.

Recognize Their Individuality

It’s a bad habit for some parents to project their own dreams onto their kids. You have enough experience to know what makes a career successful. However, your idea of success may be different from theirs.

For example, you may think that art degrees are not practical because there isn’t a lot of guaranteed money in that industry. However, your kid may be OK with not earning as much, as long as they do what they love every day. This is the same for schools as well. Your child may not be interested in going to your alma mater or university of choice because their chosen program isn’t offered there.

Introduce Them to a Variety of Activities

If your kid is still indecisive about the career they want to pursue, expose them to different activities. Have them pick out a sport, take them to art classes, ask them if there’s an instrument they’d like to learn or have them take advanced classes for their favorite subject. These experiences will provide them with an idea of what they like doing and what they’re good at. Those two concepts are essential in guiding them to their ideal career.

It’s good to have a job you’re good at, even if you don’t like it. And it’s even better to have a job you’re proficient in and love doing.

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Make Sure They’re With the Right People

Once they’ve found an activity or even career they’re passionate about, it’s time to fan the flames. If they like sports, enroll them in a summer workshop or encourage them to join their global international school’s team. ; Are they great at a certain subject? Have them join a club for it! If they love cooking, enroll them in a cooking workshop or have them take a summer job at a restaurant.

Apart from learning basic to advanced skills in their chosen field, they’ll also meet like-minded people who share their passion and love for it. Most importantly, they’ll be guided by mentors like coaches or instructors who are experts in what they do. These figures will inspire them to do better and learn more about their aspirations.

Be the Best Example

As their parent, your kid sees you in very high regard. They tend to follow your values and opinions at an early age. If they see that you do your job merely for money for things you actually love doing, it may discourage them from searching for a career they’re passionate about, whether that’s something as focused as modern Russian architecture or as general as entrepreneurship.

It’s never too late for you to find and get your dream job. And if you insist on working on having a career you’re not truly passionate about, it may still give you a sense of purpose in life. Show your kid how your work makes the world a better place, and they’ll surely be excited about finding their own purpose.

Finding a career is one of the most important things to do in one’s life. You want your kid to find a job they find fulfilling, but also pays their bills. Use these suggestions as a guide to help your child figure out the path that leads them to the career of their dreams.

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