Four Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement for Interior Designers

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Competition is tough, and consumers are scrutinizing everything. The challenge of cutting through the noise and impressing today’s clients is a tall order. It takes more than a catchy name and captivating logos to grab attention — you need an interesting brand personality, an attractive showroom, effective SEO services, and in Utah and elsewhere, an engaging social media presence.

When social media accounts are concerned, it’s safe to say that Twitter is the most difficult social media platform to dominate. On the average, there are about 6,000 tweets tweeted every second — that’s how much noise you have to eclipse.

So, here are four ways you can increase your engagement and expand your following on Twitter.

Use High-Quality Images or Videos

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In interior design, your work should speak for itself. One of the first things prospects look for is your portfolio. High-quality images, therefore, are a valuable asset when building your Twitter account. In fact, including a photo in a tweet increases retweets by about 35%.

So, build a bank of high-quality images you can post. No blurred or out-of-focus photos. You can edit some images to enhance the color or draw attention to one particular element in the room.

You can also post videos of the rooms you’ve finished. Potential clients will surely appreciate video samples of different interior design styles that you can execute.


Conduct Twitter Polls

Twitter users love to say what’s on their mind, so conducting a poll is a great way to engage with your followers. In some cases, some polls are so entertaining that people share them with their peers, further increasing the reach of the brand.

Post polls about their dream color palette, favorite décor, or non-negotiable pieces of furniture. Not only will they happily share their thoughts, they’ll also feel that you care about their opinions. Moreover, polls enable you to keep a pulse on design trends.

Join the Conversation

Engagement doesn’t stop at asking a question — you should join the conversation, too. As an interior designer, you can offer simple but professional expertise to small design conundrums. What color goes well with canary yellow, tips on maximizing space, best décor for rustic outdoor kitchens: answering these questions not only cements your place as an authority, but they also show that you care about your followers.

Don’t forget to use your official hashtags when you host a Twitter chat. These allow people to search and return to the conversation.

Additionally, feel free to retweet other accounts. If an article published in a lifestyle magazine reflects your design philosophy, you can retweet it and add helpful comments. You can even retweet what your followers say if the tweet (and the account) is aligned with what you stand for.


Implement Cross Channel Marketing

Remember that Twitter isn’t an independent marketing strategy. It’s part of your social media campaign, which means you’re free to take advantage of cross-channel marketing.

You can tweet a photo that you’ve published on Instagram, for instance. This way, that particular image can reach the extent of your entire following. If compelling enough, that particular image can encourage your Twitter followers (who aren’t on Instagram) to inquire.

You only have 280 characters to grab your followers’ attention and make an impact. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to make the most of every tweet.

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