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In the digital age, it seems foolish to reject innovations in technology to remain as a brick-and-mortar business. Resisting the opportunities that digitalizing your business can give you may seem counterproductive as well as costly.

Instead of rejecting the idea outright, why not give it a chance to change the way you run your business? You may be surprised at how much easier managing your business can be once you allow technology to do most of the work for you.

However, because more and more business owners are taking the innovative path to run their businesses, choosing the right platform for you can be difficult. Not only are there an abundance of resources to choose from, but there are also so many similarities among the products they offer.

For instance, one of the known products in the market today is the ServiceNow platform, which provides its clients with an avenue to manage their business remotely, while boosting their productivity and scalability. To know if the platform you found can work for you, consider these factors below:

Automates Your Workflows

The best thing about the ability to automate processes is that you no longer have to spend your precious time doing routine or administrative tasks repeatedly. When these processes are automated, you can focus more on your core functions like scaling the business or connecting with your customers.

Automated workflows can also boost productivity in the sense that your employees’ tasks will prove to be less time-consuming because most of their menial work is now simplified. This can benefit your business’s growth and development greatly over time.

Some examples of what you can automate for your business are the employee or client onboarding and transition into your platform, scheduling leaves, and even off-boarding. Once you’ve managed to orient your employees with this new way of conducting complex processes, the transactions will be a breeze.

Provides Room for Scalability

One of the biggest reasons to digitalize a business is to improve its scalability. This means that your business can adapt to the demands of your growing market as long as you have the resources to do so. Scalability can also refer to your company’s capacity to perform well during this workload expansion.

To know if your chosen platform can give you room to scale your business quickly, it has to provide you with enough resources that can support your needs and goals. It should also allow you to expand your services and growing revenue while minimizing your operational costs.

Reduces Your Expenditures


Investing in a consolidated platform that allows you to manage all your business services in one place can be more worthwhile in the long run as compared to investing in multiple platforms. If you can find one product that can give you everything you need to successfully manage your business’ processes, then you should consider investing in it.

Not only will this kind of software reduce your cloud costs in the long run, but it will also provide you with actionable insights based on the data that it collects from your processes. This means that if you have to invest in more products in the future, you can use the data available to you to make informed decisions about right-sizing your purchases.

Caters to Your Customers

You’ll want your chosen platform to be able to adapt to your customers’ needs no matter what happens. That can mean anything from answering their questions to providing good service in real-time, which can be difficult to do if you rely on manual labor.

The best thing your platform can offer you is to automate processes such as providing relevant information to your customers through an AI-powered chatbot or giving them access to reliable data regarding their inquiries.

Another important factor to consider when searching for digital innovations in management is the platform’s ability to monitor the products’ health and identify common issues that can arise. Having a platform that can diagnose these problems before it bothers your customers can be a good measure against preventing downtime or backlogs.

These four factors are only some of the many that you have to consider when choosing a platform where you can manage your business. Other factors that you can look into are how a digital platform compares to your current mode of management, or how using one can affect your business’ financial trajectory.

The most important reason you’ll have in digitally transforming your business depends greatly on what you want to achieve — whether it is to increase your return on investment, boost your business’ value, or improve your existing infrastructure to cope with the demands of the market.

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