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This current period of the world is challenging and stressful for everyone. For kids who are transitioning in and out of schools and online lessons, working professionals who are already struggling in productivity at home, and parents who got terribly affected by the economic spiral the past two years.

However, things can even get more difficult for our elderly during this pandemic. People age 65 and older might not look like it, but they can be more prone to depression and isolation during this trying time. Not to mention, they are more susceptible to catching the virus, hence needing regular rapid COVID-19 testing to be sure.

Elderly persons already have been through a lot, and usually, many of them are dependent on their families and kids. So, should there be any concerns and issues in the family, they are the ones who silently struggle. May that be financial problems or internal conflicts, grandparents are the ones who are usually forced to wait everything out.

It results in a feeling of helplessness and could later develop into depression when things are not working out in their households. Especially many people lost their jobs due to the recent economic state and fluctuation, even if grandparents and the elderly want to help their children stabilize things, they can’t. They can only take care of their working family members in their own way.

But who takes care of them? This guide will tell you about three things you can do to start doing so.

Make Everyday Living Easier for Them

The elderly should not be moving around too carelessly. They must be treading on their feet lightly and carefully, as just one slip can mean a costly surgery in the hospital. So, if you are living with your old parents at home, you can make sure that they do not have to do heavy tasks at home.

Your old father may want to trim the lawn or repair your walls, but you should not allow them. If he insists, as it could be his own way of helping you out at home, provide him with the proper tools and safety gear to proceed. Moreover, if your old mother still enjoys her time in the kitchen, do not stop her, but instead, you can make this hobby of hers easier.

You can get her advanced kitchen appliances such as electric stoves, automatic mincers, and better kitchen organizers. She would not only appreciate it, but it would make her cooking easier and accident-free.

Support Their Interests

seniors workout

Old people do have hobbies too, and usually, those are things that we do not pay attention to too much. It does not necessarily mean they are outside rock climbing or attending seminars, old people do things to pass by time and be at peace. Things such as reading books, crocheting, gardening, painting, and more.

During this trying time of the pandemic, having a hobby is tremendously important. It distracts us, gives us purpose, and keeps us sane from all that has happened. For older people, it is more than that. Their hobbies ground them to Earth. Their kids might be too busy to talk to them regularly, so they turn to hobbies. Now, if you are lucky enough to have your parent with you, be mindful and notice what they like doing during their past times.

Perhaps they can even be doing Tiktok awareness content, who knows? What is important is you being supportive of the things they are doing. A simple effort to show that you are interested and that you care enough to see the fruits of their labor would go a long way than simply spending maintenance money on your aging parents.

Do Not Forget to Include Them In Your Life

Old people, they just want companions. At their age, they just want someone, their families, to be there. They need someone they can talk to about things, someone to watch shows with, eat dinners with; they just want to be around their loved ones.

Being there for your parents does not mean existing in the same house, it means you are present and felt by your aging parents. Life is only precious because it ends, and your parents know that you might not realize it just yet, but they simply want to spend time with you as long as they can. If you have been busy working from home lately, you can start with small things, such as talking to your parents about your day. It is not much, but it is a start. They would want to hear about it too, for sure.

Yes, the pandemic has affected and changed our lives as working professionals, but we should also keep in mind that our elderly could be struggling as well.

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