Hobbies that Can Contribute to Your Community’s Betterment


Do you feel like being stuck in life with a bleak sense of purpose? You have to know that this is natural as life is a series of ups and downs, and know you can always bounce back. One of the best ways to recover that deep sense of purpose is your hobbies.

Nothing would feel as empowering as using your time and ability to improve yourself and the bigger community. You may be experiencing crippling self-doubt that you will ever be able to do anything of value for the people around you, but usually, all it takes is to show up and take action. If you are still wondering what community-building hobbies you can enjoy, learn about some of them below.


Recall that sport you used to be so good at back in high school or college, that subject you aced back then, or any other skill you might have ditched for another profession, but you are confident you can perform well, nevertheless. More people may need just what you have to offer than you know. And so, consider coaching for any of these.

Used to be the star player of your school’s soccer team? Join summer sports camps in your locale and help aspiring young athletes in mastering their moves. Are you a programmer by profession, or you just so happened to code? Why not do some freelance work either off or online? Have you been doing yoga to maintain your fitness? Consider giving classes in your local gym. You see, you have all this positive energy you can radiate to your community.


Recent advances in gardening technology that include innovative hydroponic container systems confirm that even without a green thumb or a huge plot of land, you can allow a small ecosystem to thrive. Be self-sustaining by growing a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, even in small pots. You can also supply your local restaurants and groceries with fresh produce treated with no harmful chemicals.

If you are not ready for such a huge haul yet, you can always beautify your yard with more greenery. And, when it comes to plants, there’s no such thing as too much. It is great knowing your neighbors have more to appreciate when observing their surroundings and that these plants provide more clean air.

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Starting a Blog

Do you have anything you are interested in and think you can expound on this through writing? Is it gaming, graphic design, photography, traveling, cooking, fitness, or fashion? Whichever it is, you have to try blogging. Create a website you can consider an outlet for your creative juices, discuss whatever under the sun sparks your curiosity, share practical tips, and possibly reach out to individuals and groups who might share the same love and passion.

Although earning passive income has been widely associated with blogging, do not let it be your main motivation in releasing content. Yes, it’s nice to get back the amount you initially spent to run your website. But if you’re too engrossed with site traffic and affiliate marketing to the point that your page is filled with ad banners, this can annoy your audience and lead them to ultimately stop visiting your site.

Before embarking on your blogging journey, allot a space for your purpose on your content plan. That way, if you feel like you’re getting sidetracked, you can go back to that main purpose, which is more or less, has to do with value to the online community you are nourishing.


Take time to observe your community. Although it is constantly developing, you’ll see that there are sectors that may not be included in this development. We are talking about the homeless, the elderly, the archaic establishments, and even the local park in your area.

If you have time you can spare out of your week, volunteering is a valuable pastime. Assist in the tasks of staff of nursing homes or pet shelters, pick trash and plant tree seedlings with the environmental conservation group in your place, participate in cooks and food deliveries for community feeding programs when disaster strikes, or donate for good causes. You will realize how even one instance of showing up and adding a hand into a team effort creates such an impact.

Hobbies are in themselves a good reminder that you are capable of many things. Try any of the ones we mentioned, and you will want to do it more. Overall, it enriches the soul when you use your energy to help people other than yourself.

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