How Online Businesses Can Level Up Their Sales Strategy

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Thanks to the Internet, anyone can start an online business from the comforts of their homes. It is an avenue further highlighted during the pandemic. E-commerce, short for electronic commerce, was already a growing industry in the past. Its rise is even more guaranteed now because of everyone’s reliance on this unprecedented time.  The platform gives people the chance to continue earning money, especially if they were affected by their company’s reorganization. It’s also possible to buy supplies and groceries with a click of a button while remaining socially distant in their houses.

However, there are all kinds of online stores popping up, from individuals offering a few products on Facebook’s buy and sell forums to large e-commerce websites sporting a long list of inventories. It’s not enough to be the loudest voice in the marketplace, shouting that you have the best and most affordable stock. Businesses should also work on their differentiation strategies for sales to improve. The most effective way is to build a relationship of credibility and trust with customers so that they keep coming back for more.

Here are a few ways online businesses can leverage to improve their e-commerce strategy:

Quality product photos are king

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when humans are visual creatures. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than large blocks of text. Can you imagine, then, if an online business has blurred and poorly lit photos? Customers wouldn’t touch the store with a ten-foot-pole even if its products can save the world.

Unlike in a physical store, buyers are unable to inspect the product thoroughly. They can’t touch it or check every corner to see if it’s what they wanted to get. Quality photos make up for this handicap by highlighting the product’s best look and potential. It helps customers imagine that the product is in front of them and that they’re getting what they see.

Customer testimonials give credibility to the brand

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers have more convincing power than flashy product advertisements. They add professionalism and legitimacy to the online business because it shows other people that you can deliver on what you promised. Potential customers will be more comfortable in patronizing your store since there can see there is already a track record of reliable service. This behavior is also best described by a herd mentality, where their peers influence individuals. Businesses, whether they offer mortgage refinancing or customer management software, would do well to showcase positive feedback through shout outs, social media posts, or a dedicated space on their website.

Ensure a smooth checkout process

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The internet is a distracting place, where it’s easy to go from one tab of stimulation to another. There are also real-world distractions to contend with, such as a sudden phone call or hunger pang. Customers would come close to purchasing what the businesses are offering; then, they will be pulled away by a cute dog doing tricks. That is why it’s vital to make the checkout process as fast and smooth as possible. According to Listrak, a retail marketing firm, e-commerce sites can experience an 81% average rate of shopping cart abandonment. That’s money going out the window.

While it remains easy to start an online business, the challenge comes in gaining a competitive advantage over all the others. Business owners can increase their chances of success through quality product photos, positive customer testimonials, and a smooth checkout process.

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