Learning the Legal Ropes: 4 Fields of Law to Choose From

Law is a good career path for any person with a strong sense of justice. It’s important to note, though, that you’ll need to choose a specialization at one point since a person can’t learn every bit of intricacy that the law has.

If you have trouble deciding on a field, consider the things that you feel strongly about. Use this to narrow down your choices before researching them.

Take a look at some of the common fields of law below. Hopefully, one of these piques your interest and helps you decide.


They handle cases involving an employer and employee and can represent either side. You will work with various people when handling a claim due to the diversity of a company’s products and services. After a while, you can choose to partner with a company to represent them.

The cases you will handle will vary widely. Usually, an employee will file a lawsuit against their employer or company due to unfair working conditions, such as denied benefits and lacking wages, or when the employee experiences harassment in their workplace.

You will need to know about the various labor laws to represent your client properly. A resolution is reached when the employer and employee settle on the appropriate compensation to be given. This depends on who is determined as guilty.


Family lawyers are involved with all the areas of family relationships. It can be between spouses, which in most cases, concerns their divorce and division of assets. Otherwise, it is involved with childcare, such as adoption or protection from abuse.

If you want to specialize in this area of law, you will most likely be a divorce attorney for your company. Besides negotiating how much your client deserves to get from the divorce, it is also possible that you will fight for custody if your client has a child.

To handle your job, you will need knowledge not only in marriage laws but also in financial and accounting aspects to split their property adequately. You should also be a good negotiator and connect to your client emotionally to represent them better.



A criminal defense lawyer’s clients are primarily individuals who have been charged with a crime. They will need the help of law enforcers in understanding the circumstances of the crime and focus on getting the client acquitted of their offense.

A good criminal defense lawyer, may they come from Salt Lake City or other areas, will need to have investigative skills to justify the reasons that their client is innocent. They will also need good persuasive and communication skills to connect to their client and get a clear testimony from them.


This kind of lawyer is focused on cases in the healthcare industry, such as medical practitioners, hospitals and their systems, medical manufacturers, and more. Possible cases can involve medical malpractice, fraudulent malpractice, or reimbursement issues.

Besides learning about health legislations, you will also need to have a certain degree of scientific and medical knowledge to understand your client’s issues. Pursue a career in this track if you are interested in medicine or want to represent the public health sector.

While these are some of the more common career paths, the choices aren’t restricted to these. There are also other options, such as civil rights, business, and intellectual property law. Take your time deciding on your specialization so that you won’t regret what you choose.

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