Living the Mobile Life: Find the Right Mobile Home for You

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Recreational vehicles are a broad term that includes all sorts of mobile vehicles with living accommodations in them. Many people in the tiny house movement and mobile living are the ones who have put this at the forefront. They believe in living off-grid lifestyles, which put self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability as their foundation.

Many of them are tired of living in a house, paying the mortgage and monthly bills. But recreational vehicles are a much cheaper choice. But there is a wide variety of options available in the market, so it can be a difficult choice to choose the right one. Plus, you need to know about the laws in your area regarding mobile homes. You need to consider issues like parking and the availability of utilities. Here is a list of all the vehicles that you can have if you want a mobile, self-sufficient lifestyle.

Class A RVs

They are the largest of the lot. They are the standard mobile homes that are the largest. You can decide on buying this one as an alternative for your current home too. Due to its great size, you will need the practice to drive this one. You can buy one which runs on either gas or diesel. You will not require a special license for driving this vehicle but a specific endorsement to drive the vehicle.

Class C RVs

camper van

Class C recreational vehicles will look very similar to any automobile. The familiar design makes them easier to drive. They are much more compatible hence are easy to drive through tight places. They are smaller than the Class A vehicles but bigger than the Size B vehicles. Their compatible size also makes them fuel-efficient. They are a more user-friendly version of the large bus-style vans. You need to make sure that you have registered your automobile as a recreational vehicle legally.

Class B RVs

If you wish to buy a van, you can go for a camper van or a pop-up van. They are best for people who love to travel. You can park them on a land where there are no prohibition laws for the next 24 hours. They are smaller than the traditional Class C vehicles but can accommodate a toilet and sleeping arrangements. They are easier to drive and give good mileage. You can park your van almost anywhere legally.

Fifth-wheel Trailer

The most feasible 5th-wheel trailer is the smartest trailer choice you can buy. They are named so because the front of the vehicle lies on the truck’s bed that tows it from the front. The bed of the truck is u-shaped, thus makes it more tow-able. If you wish to have luxuries like the Class A RVs, you can choose this trailer as this will be a great choice for you as you can store the trailer elsewhere when you do not wish to use it. The convenient design will make it great for your handy traveling plans. Many states do not allow passengers to travel in the trailer. At the same time, it is being towed, the vehicle is to be towed rather than get carried in a car cabin, and overnight parking rules are also to be considered according to state laws.

Truck campers

These will be a good option for you to consider if you are a family of 2 to 3 people. They also sit on the bed of your truck. You can go anywhere in these RVs but with limited room for storage. For a small family, this will be a good choice for you to invest in. The laws regarding traveling while the camper is in motion are the same as the 5th-wheel; most states allow it while others don’t.

The Final Word

Living life on wheels could be a challenge and a blessing. A blessing because you could live the life you choose, could be self-sufficient, and even help the earth. But it is also a challenge because you need to find the right place to park your mobile home; you need to ensure the hygiene of your utilities and water supply, and you need to choose the most vital things that will fit in your tiny home. Also, you need to secure your things all the time since you’re always on the go.

But if you are determined to live the kind of life that gives you freedom, the chance to see the world, and move to any place where opportunity takes you, then it’s time to buy a recreational vehicle that could be a mobile home.

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