Trimming The Fat: Making Your Nonprofit More Effective


When people think of nonprofits, they often have an unbalanced view of them. On one hand, they appreciate the work that they do. The problem is that nonprofits are also seen as inefficient and not as effective as they could be. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few changes in the organization, a nonprofit would be able to help out more. Here are some things that can be done to make a nonprofit be a bigger help to the community.

Acquire More Funding Sources

Money makes the world go round, and while your organization is not aimed at making a profit, it still needs money. With more money, your organization will do more, from employing more people to getting the necessary supplies. There are several ways to get more funding. One option is to get more donors. This can be done by being aggressive about hunting for more donors.

Have a whole team dedicated to contacting new people and hoping to get them to donate. You might also open up to accepting more donation options like cryptocurrency. You might also consider monetizing some of your operations. While a nonprofit should not be aiming to make a profit, it doesn’t mean it can’t make money. If all the earnings go towards funding and expanding services, a nonprofit should be fine.

Get Some Additional Training

When it comes to management, you might need some additional training. Various management methods can greatly enhance your operations. For example, coaching in facilitative leadership can be a big help. This leadership approach has the leader be closely engaged with the group. The goal is for them to empower the team to do the job. Look up the various leadership and organizational skills that you might need. Training yourself or your team in them can make your nonprofit more effective.

Be More Visible

keyboard and social media

Another way to be more effective is to increase the visibility of your nonprofit. It is the usual approach of nonprofits to do things quietly. However, this can be difficult for nonprofits. If people don’t know what your organization is doing, it will be difficult to get donations and donors.

The best way to resolve this is to boost visibility. Release press releases and get your activities featured in magazines or newspapers. This can be very effective, but create your own social media account and use that to boost visibility. A good viral post can be enough to encourage a flood of new donations.

Engage With Current Donors

While you are looking for new donors, you should not forget your current ones. Many nonprofits only think of their relationship with a donor going in just one direction: donations. But this approach can be exhausting for donors. A nonprofit should be doing more than just asking for things. Bring something special to your donors by giving them something. This can range from a short report of what the nonprofit has done for the year or even a thank you note. You might even have a celebratory dinner to commemorate some of the biggest donors.

Set Some Goals And Milestones

Nonprofits often feel directionless. While they have a mission like helping the homeless, it often feels that it is too vague. It often seems like their efforts are not doing anything. A much better approach would be what corporations do: they set goals. This can range from daily to yearly goals.

These goals allow a nonprofit to make decisions about what to do. For example, if your organization aims to feed 100 people a day, that will require improvements in logistics and processes. You’ll also need enough space to accommodate them. The changes done will only make your nonprofit more effective.

Look To Improve

Another problem that nonprofits have is that they are often static. Once they find a successful approach, they often stick to it. However, there is always room for improvement. You should evaluate your nonprofit’s performance and see what can be done to make things better. For example, you may evaluate the nonprofit’s expenses during a year. This can reveal waste and inefficient spending. Changing the nonprofit’s spending habits can ensure that you will have more money next year.

All these changes can greatly improve the performance of your nonprofit. That can make the difference for various causes like helping the homeless or the severely disabled. Make the changes now, and you can expect results that will surprise you.

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