Making Things Clear About Child Support

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When you divorce, someone has to take care of the kids. A major component of that is the financial side of things. It can be hard to raise a child on your own, keeping them fed and clothed. This is why child support is so important. Here are a few tips so remember so that you get a fair hearing when it comes to child support.

Always Talk With Your Lawyer

You should already have a lawyer since child support is part of the divorce process. Use that to its full potential. Any divorce attorney in Santa Fe NM and other nearby areas would know everything that is necessary to help with you to get what you need. Most states have clear laws about child support. If you’re not familiar with them, you might end up giving up quite a bit of the support you deserve. Before you say “yes” to anything in these discussions, it is essential that you talk with your lawyer to ensure that you are not making a mistake.

Know When to Settle

There are times when your ex-partner indicates they are willing to settle instead of taking the child support to a hearing. This has both good and bad sides to it. For one, you won’t be going through the entire court process. Settlements can be done in a single meeting without any conflict at all. But it does indicate that your ex is not able to give the full amount of child support that the state mandates. It depends on whether you want the child support issue to be over and you know your ex is completely unable to provide the full support.

Be Aware of How Child Support Works

Many people are not aware of how child support works so you need to sit down with your lawyer to get some background about it. Note that one particular issue that many exes abuse is that they modify their child support informally. After a year or so, they give excuses and cut down on their payments. In many states that is illegal. Any changes to child support must be done with an order from the court and not out of the blue.

Another child support blind spot is how long it lasts. Child support payments continue until the age of emancipation or the child legally emancipates themselves by other means like enlisting in the military or getting married. If they miss a payment, the obligation builds up and they are liable for that under the law.

The Collection Process

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The big advantage of having the court behind you in the child support process is the state will help in collecting. This can range from garnishing wages to pressuring the businesses they own to pay up. The key thing to remember here is the law is on your side and you should keep on pushing to get your support payments.

On Your Own

When you are trying to start a new life with your child, you are going to need all the help that you can find. One particular area that you will need assistance in is in finances. This is why child support is so important. The tips above help you get what you need to start living your life with your child properly. With their help, you can be sure that you are getting a fair shake.

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