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The pandemic did affect how the world functioned before, but now that vaccinations programs are ramping up, you can start planning for the good old neighborhood bake sale again.

Community activities are part of the local culture and history. Participating in them is how homeowners build a stronger foundation, healthier environment, and good economic funding for the local government. It is also how children will remember their childhood. When they look back, they will remember the parades and events that took place in their hometown. The kids might live in another big city when they grow up, but their hometown traditions will stay with them.

Whether you are in your neighborhood council or you are simply a proactive member of your community, here are some excellent and safe ideas you can try out for your community events.

Local Band Concerts for the Youth

Do you know how much musical talent young people in your area have? You do not have to be sure to give them a chance to showcase their talent and even potential for those who are still nurturing their gifts. You can host a local concert that will include teenage band groups competing for a prize. While there are still qualms about COVID-19 transmission, it is better to host the event in an open area. Your local plaza or park might work, and while the event is live, you can hire virtual event planning services to help you stream it. By doing so, you are reaching a wider audience online, and some can even turn out to be community sponsors. Think about it.

Fundraiser Events

Now that we mentioned sponsors, having local fundraisers to help the local government gather more funding is always a good idea. Sure, after the pandemic struck, more than one local business needed help. Fundraisers are one way the community and the local government unit can work together to help each other out.

The first thing you would want to do is start researching who you can ask for monetary support. Check about the list of people (donors) you can invite, and plan relevant activities such as your fundraising event. It can be a dinner gala, an auction, or even a food fare. Also, some things can be part of your sales. They can be both products or services, all of which are part of a fundraising initiative.

Best Front Lawn Contests

During the quarantine, most people got bored and turned to DIY home improvement as a healthy hobby to be productive while passing by time. While it is safe to assume that it was the same for everyone, there are always areas in the community that looks like they need help.

Perhaps, the homeowner is too busy with his schedule at work, or maybe they simply did not feel like doing home renovations. What the local community officers can do is indirectly make it mandatory by hosting home improvement contests. One good example is the best front lawn contest so that you can do it any time of the year. However, if the circumstances allow it, it is best to host a Christmas-themed lawn contest now that the holidays are right around the corner. Not only are you doing it to help your residents to be more positive, but you are also embodying the spirit of the Christmas community by heart.

Best Produce Contests

The last item on our list requires a home garden where your residents can grow any sort of vegetable or fruit produce they want. When we say host an organic produce competition, you can go with the crowning the biggest one as your winner. Wouldn’t it be fun that way? Also, it will help the community to be greener, significantly, if your community is almost urbanized. It is time to turn things around and for your residents to start growing a garden in the yards.

Although, for contest events such as this, you need to give your people enough time to prepare. See, what about the homeowners that do not have a garden, to begin with? Of course, they would need more time to cultivate one, and also, you cannot grow a huge watermelon in a short time, right? Therefore, make sure you announce the event at least half a year before the deadline.

Final Thoughts

Community events are what make the whole neighborhood united. It is also the best way to nurture the unique culture you have in your area. So don’t let the pandemic rupture that culture, and start planning today.

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