These Non-Profit Organizations Aim to Bring Healthcare Closer to Americans


There are issues of significant concern in every country. Most of the time, these things are what people base on when electing national leaders. Looking at data from different years will tell you if there has been any significant progress related to these concerns.

The Biggest Concerns for Americans in 2015

According to the news, the following were some of the top worries of Americans in 2015:

  • The lack of accessible and affordable healthcare
  • The state of the economy
  • Potential terrorist attacks on the United States
  • The rate of crime and violence
  • Illegal immigration
  • Unemployment
  • Race relations
  • Climate change and environmental issues

The Biggest Worries for Americans in 2020

Five years later, Americans still worry about some of the same things. Still at the top of the list is healthcare. Following healthcare are immigration, education, and environmental problems.

Many Americans believe that the healthcare system in the United States needs to be drastically changed. Some suggest allocating a significantly bigger budget from the federal government. Others say that the best way to overhaul the system is by copying the methods like that of Canada and other European countries.

The insurance system is a whole other issue. Some endure pain because of the possibility of paying huge hospital bills. Because of this, some clinics just come up with payment schemes or partner with financing services to cater to patients who don’t have much budget but are in dire need of care and treatment. This is also applicable to dental care. Some clinics offer payment plans for expensive treatments like dental implants, teeth replacement, and other restorative procedures.

Non-Profit Organizations That Deal with Healthcare Concerns

ngo health care

While some people might be apprehensive about getting their health checked at non-profit organizations, many of the latter do an excellent job at it. Here are some non-profits that also provide exceptional, inexpensive healthcare:


Ascension is a faith-based non-profit organization. It is a Catholic group that aims to bring healthcare to the poor and most vulnerable. Ascension manages health care sites in a total of 19 states as well as in the District of Columbia.

They have physicians, nurses, and staff who offer health services such as behavioral health counseling, early childhood education, dental care, and disease management programs. They also have projects outside of the healthcare field. Those who need it can avail of legal and social services from them. They assist with rent, utilities, and food expenses.

Through their program Ascension Care Management, they aim to make healthcare more affordable and improve the health status of communities. They also cater to those who need hospice care under their project Ascension at Home. They provide help for the transition of patients from acute care facilities to their homes. They even offer infusion therapy along with home and hospice care.

Good Neighbor Healthcare

Based in Houston, Texas, Good Neighbor Healthcare is a non-profit community-based organization that aims to bring affordable healthcare to the greater Houston area. This organization offers a variety of health services. These include dental care, nutrition, mental health, and primary care. They offer some services for free while they charge a significantly reduced cost for other treatments. The amount you pay will also be based on your income and paying capacity.

Women can get free screenings for breast cancer. Lab services and nutritional counseling are available for everyone. They have a highly competent staff dedicated to treating and caring for the underserved members of the community. The reduced costs and free services are possible because they have partnerships with medical institutions such as the Menninger Clinic, University of Houston College of Optometry Clinic, and Walgreens Pharmacy.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has existed since 1924. For almost a century, they have dedicated themselves to treating heart diseases and stroke to Americans. Six cardiologists founded the organization, but now, they have nearly 40 million volunteers under their program.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, followed by stroke. The organization fervently advocates for cardiovascular health, spending almost $5 billion in research on heart diseases.

They do not only operate in the United States. They also brought their efforts to benefit the international community. They have international programs made possible through partnerships with other organizations.

Across the globe, they provide training for first aid, CPR, and advanced life support. They also offer training to healthcare providers in different countries to fight the rising rate of mortality in children under five years old. Their program Go Red for Women aims to spread awareness of cardiovascular health among women. This campaign is active in 50 countries outside of the United States.

The fight for affordable quality healthcare is a long one. While you call for policies to be put in place, you can also support the cause for healthcare affordability by supporting these organizations.

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