Open Carriers vs Enclosed Carriers: What’s Better for Your Auto Transport Business?

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The transport sector is busier than ever. The Ministry of Transport has actually implemented stringent guidelines regarding essential transport services of food products, medicine, health care supplies, fuel and other “essential for life” products and services. But while many businesses can operate on an on-demand or as-required basis, the same can’t be said for the auto transport industry.

It’s business as usual — or as normal as it can get — for car transport companies. And whether you run a local car dealership or are expanding your moving business, you need to invest in durable and reliable car transport trailers. Which type of trailer is most suitable for your business?

Open Carriers and Enclosed Carriers Have Different Advantages

Before designing the blueprint of your next transport trailer, it’s important to define what it will be used for. Open trailers generally cost less while enclosed transporters offer greater protection against direct sunlight, heavy rain, dust and pollution. Consider each option closely before deciding on one.

Open Trailers

Open trailers, which don’t have coverings on either side and on top, are the standard type of trailer in the industry. It can easily carry 10 vehicles in an exposed environment, and still keep all vehicles safely strapped down throughout the trip. You can use an open trailer in many ways.

First, you can have a single vehicle hotshot trailer to haul one car or truck at a time over short distances. Second, you may opt for a single-level multi-car trailer for transport or delivery of up to six cars at a time. The third option is what most people think of when they hear “car carriers” and that’s the multi-level multi-vehicle trailer which is the most efficient in the car shipping industry.

Enclosed Trailers

An enclosed trailer is ideal for businesses that deal with antique, rare and specialty vehicles. Its design provides better protection against the weather and road debris. It also provides greater security and privacy, ensuring that the transported vehicles are safe from wandering eyes.

Single-level single-vehicle enclosed trailers are used to transport classic cars, luxury cars, race cars or any other valuable vehicle along short distances, one at a time. Single-level multi-vehicle trailers can carry up to three vehicles at a time. Multi-level multi-vehicle trailers are suitable for transporting up to eight vehicles at a time.

If neither of these carriers addresses your business needs, consider designing a hybrid transporter with the help of an experienced transport trailer manufacturer. It combines the best features of open and enclosed trailers so you can maximise the use of this business investment.

Nothing Beats Great Performance

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Your local trailer manufacturer can design and build open and enclosed trailers based on your business needs. Whichever blueprint you choose, however, you have to make sure of one thing: performance.

Invest in long-lasting and high-performing trailers that give you and your clients peace of mind. There are so many things that people worry about these days. Let them focus on more pressing matters while you safely transport their cars and trucks wherever they need.

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