Driving Solo: Overcoming Your Fear of Going on a Solo Road Trip

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Going on a road trip with family and friends is definitely fun and exciting. You get to experience exciting adventures and make memorable memories with them. There is someone you can split the costs of the road trip with. You can even share funny stories, driving tasks, and even bask in that sense of safety, knowing you have someone to rely on in case of trouble and whatnot. But no matter how cool a group road trip can be, there are instances when it is worth embarking on a solo road trip.

Sure, you need to independent since you have no companion to talk to, keep you company, or even take turns driving the car. But then, you can work around your own time, plan your own itinerary, and meet interesting people. You can be as spontaneous as possible, enjoy the freedom and precious me-time to unwind, de-stress, and step out of your comfort bubble.

However, many people are not fond of the whole solo trip idea. Negative experiences might stop them from driving and going on a trip alone. Some are afraid to drive to unfamiliar places, fear getting lost, or even get involved in an accident.

You must know the reasons why you fear going on a solo road trip. Only then can you formulate the best strategy to overcome your fear. You can also consider these tips to help you ease your fears and anxiety so you can enjoy your solo road trip.

Get Your Back Up Plan and Running

One of the best ways to reduce your anxiety about going on a solo road trip is to plan your trip and have a backup plan ready. This way, you know that you already know who to call and how to act in case something bad happens. Here are some things you can include in your backup planning to give you better peace of mind before the trip.

  • Get the car checked by the pros
  • Let a reliable loved one know where you are going, where you are staying, and the best ways to reach you
  • Keep emergency contacts saved in your phone and written in a notebook
  • Prepare essential backups like a spare phone you already fully charged, chargers for your electronics, a power bank, extra clothes, some snacks and drinks, a first aid kit, copies of your pertinent documents, a compass, and a new map
  • Load up on things that will keep you entertained
  • Plan your route and rest stops


Consider Car Upgrades

Numerous car upgrades can help keep you safe, entertained, and comfortable for your upcoming solo trip. These may require upfront costs, but considering you will be leveraging them for the long term, you can definitely get your money’s worth in no time. The type of car upgrades you can invest in will depend on your current needs and budget.

A Car Stereo Upgrade

If you love listening to music or podcasts while driving, consider letting the pros handle your new car stereo installation. Your old stereo may now transmit buzzing or whiny sounds that are simply irritating your ears. With a high-quality sound system to serve as your company on your solo trip, you will never feel bored, alone, or sleepy.

Window Tinting

Window tints allow you to keep a satisfyingly cool temperature inside your car even during the warmer months. This makes your driving experience better since you can enjoy better privacy even while driving through a summer road. This will also give your car a nice upgraded look.


If your car does not have a dashcam yet, this is the perfect time to invest. Modern dashcams have amazing features that help drivers capture scenic views, record proofs of accidents, and notify drivers of lane change, collision, and motion detection. If you invest in one, make sure you keep the best dashcam practices in mind.

Auxiliary Lights

If your road trip involves nighttime driving, then invest in auxiliary lights makes sense. These mini lights will help by giving you more illumination so you can drive safely. This will give you peace of mind knowing you managed to buy something that will help you drive safer at night.

These are but a few examples of how you can better prepare for your solo road trip. You may have certain fears that make you nervous about driving alone. But know that once you get past such fears, you will learn how exciting it can be to embrace solo road trips in the future.

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