How Important are Real-Time Updates for Customer Satisfaction?

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Have you ever had dealt with a complaining customer after getting minimal delay with his delivery? Chances are you have. It is quite a common case next to payment issues and service interruptions. You could wonder why but it is mainly because you failed to meet their customers #39; expectations.

You could argue and say, “It is not the vendors’ fault! It is out of our hands!” Well, that is not very professional, is it? As a business owner, you should have ownership of any concerns or problems that may arise regarding your products or services. You cannot simply accept an order and put a disclaimer right after the package leaves your warehousing unit. You must understand that people get frustrated because things did not turn the way they had anticipated. In short, you disappointed them.

Things like these could always happen in the supply chain, and it is up to you to have smarter logistic solutions, fleet management, and of course, GPS tracking units. If you’re still lopping behind the game, this article is for you. 

The important role real-time tracking management plays for your overall customer satisfaction

Real-time tracking provides assurance

When a new consumer clicks on your ad, expect that this person already took a chance. This individual wants to see if your product or service is up to par, and he could have dissected your web page or your social media handles. As a consumer, he wanted assurance that he would be getting what he ordered online. If after the purchase was made, you just left him hanging with two words: Order Confirmed, you are already brewing a case of an irate customer. You could be receiving repetitive inquiries for updates, all because you did not give them substantial assurance.

However, things would be different when you provide them with a real-time tracking link where they could see where their packages are at. It allows the customer to be in the loop where he could adjust and manage his expectations on his own. So, instead of hiring a large team of customer reps, you could invest in reliable GPS solutions from trusted providers such as to prevent business loss and slash your upkeep big time!

Real-time tracking provides satisfaction

Following the point above, real-time tracking features provide satisfaction. Imagine having brand ambassadors through your satisfied customers! See, even online and digital marketing strategies, the word of mouth remains intact. It is something that digital marketing strategies all want to achieve; when your clients do the marketing for you. So, what happens if a customer is happy with your product and the timely arrival of his package? You would want them to leave your page a review, sure, but that is less likely than him personally telling his friends about your products.

Sure, they could talk about the packaging and the price, but they would weigh on the quality of your product and how fast were you able to deliver it to them. If you think the latter is out of your hands, you are mistaken because, with real-time tracking features, you could monitor, manage, and anticipate anything that could happen in transit. It would then provide you with a window and opportunity to fix any setback that might occur.

Real-time tracking asserts credibility

In the market, the game has changed into free and fast deliveries. Either you are providing free deliveries or charge your consumers for a fast and safe one. Let us compare the two options. Free delivery is good marketing material. However, having reliable delivery services and real-time tracking features are real gold mines. With these smart solutions, there is quality and credibility in the service compared to one that is tolerably good because it is free.

Think of it this way. More consumers want to go for brands that are trusted and credible. Prices are not numbers, at the end of the day, people are paying for quality and convenience.

With this onset of modern technology, consumers have a low tolerance for delays and hiccups. While all of these could not be avoided, you could be ready on your end. As a business leader, you need to be equipped with technological solutions that would help you monitor, assess, and manage your business operations. That is why real-time GPS tracking features and other fleet management solutions are not just for your consumers, yet it is also for your supply chain.

You could protect your investments and gain more potential customers when you maximize these vehicle technologies. Don’t stagger behind your competition, and start investing wiser today.

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