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Office clutter is not only an eyesore but also has a negative effect on productivity. The mess distracts employees and prevents them from focusing on their tasks. De-cluttering is an underrated office chore but is a necessary one. There are high and low-tech ways to de-clutter and keep your employees focused and engaged with their work.

Experts weigh in on how you can successfully de-clutter the office.

Send it to the Clouds

Gone are the days when file cabinets and a dedicated storage room for them are necessary. The technology has made it easy and possible for online file or data storage in the cloud. You don’t need to keep old documents; have them scanned and just create an account for storing these online.

This approach reduces the need for storing paperwork or using them. You not only help save the environment, but you clean up your office as well.

Evaluate Future Use of Certain Items

Some people keep items they think they might still need in the future. This applies to the office as well, where workers store documents, cables, files and others that will no longer help with their work in the small or big picture of things.

These accumulate over time, and you will have a room or desks full of junk. Re-asses the value of items and determine if it is time to throw them away. You shouldn’t keep documents several years old and have been resolved definitively. Broken printers, computers and useless cables should go straight to disposal.

Create an Inventory System

One way to de-clutter your office is to create a system that is easy to understand, follow and implement. An inventory system solves most problems regarding clutter. Your employees will know what to do with items that are no longer relevant to their work.

They know where to take them and how to handle them properly for disposal.

Clean Desks

Set a rule that employees must always keep their desks clean. Avoid storing junk, placing food or using it as their personal storage space. The less clutter a desk has, the more focused a person will be.

Keep Cables Tidy

Cables easily take up space on desks, storage rooms and cabinets, especially if you leave them tangled. Tie and label them, so they don’t occupy space. Tie cables still in use to keep them tidy and easily identifiable.

Recycle Items

Some office supplies, equipment and items don’t need to go straight to the trash after using them. Identify which items you can recycle to save money and de-clutter. There are creative ways to use or find a new use for cabinets, desks and others.


Avoid Using Sticky Notes

This is a simple way of de-cluttering the office. These may seem useful, but they add to the visual distractions that your employees see daily. If you still want to use them, have a designated wall for notes away from the work area.

These are just a few hacks that help you de-clutter your office. Identify which ones you think work best for your company. Doing so may improve productivity and reduce distractions.

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