Saving Energy in the Household Amid the Lockdowns

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The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has led to various lockdowns across the globe. With more than 111 million cases, the pandemic is far from over.

The rising number of cases prompted governments to impose restrictions and lockdowns. Employees work from home, while children learn through distance learning. This means that the whole family spends the entire day at home.

Aside from isolation from others, another problem families face during this time is skyrocketing electricity bills. Saving energy during this time is crucial to avoid spending too much on electricity.

How can people save on electricity bills? It’s a matter of managing household activities to monitor energy consumption. Getting electricity plans can also help you decide on your energy spending. Plus, it can help avoid a sudden rise in electricity bills.

Heating Controls

Most countries experience frigid nights due to winter. Most households are equipped with cooling and heating systems that can help make the house comfortable.

Setting the heating control accordingly can help save on energy costs. You can use the timer or programmer to specify when the heating goes on or off. You can also set the room thermostat to control the temperature. If the temperature is within the range, the thermostat will turn off until the temperature decreases again.

Also, it is crucial to ascertain that the heating system is working efficiently. Check the equipment for any technical issues. This way, you won’t worry about it bogging down during the coldest night.

Natural Light

Natural light does not only brighten up the room, but it’s also good for the health. One reason for a huge electric bill is when all the lights are turned on even during the day.

Having the curtains fixed to let natural light in can help light the room. You can also install glass windows around the house to ensure that natural light can come in.

Aside from lighting the room, natural sunlight can also provide warmth, reducing the amount of time heating systems are used. Further, natural sunlight can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness during the lockdown.


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Having old appliances is a huge factor for an increasing electrical bill. To save on your bill, you should invest in appliances with a good energy rating. The more stars an appliance has, the better. The rating means that the appliance consumes less electricity to work.

Also, make sure that you get new appliances, which are designed to save on electricity. For instance, there are refrigerator models that are energy efficient. Since the fridge and freezer are working throughout the day, it consumes power quickly. With a new fridge that meets the minimum energy performance standards, you won’t worry about adding up to your electricity bill.

Cooling Controls

During the summer, households use the cooling system to feel comfortable despite the scorching sun. There are ways to control air-conditioning usage during the summer.

First, insulate the house roof. By doing so, you can feel comfortable, and the house won’t absorb the heat. Also, shading the windows at midday can help keep the heat out.

Lastly, install ceiling fans that you can use instead of the air-conditioning system. They are much cheaper and more suitable for the environment. There are stand fans and wall fans you can buy, too.

Energy Saving Bulbs

Even if you let natural light in during the day, it’s another story at night. To make sure your energy bill will not increase drastically, you can swap energy-saving bulbs for your light.

Two of the most popular energy-saving bulb products are compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These light bulbs use about 25 to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lights, helping you save money on the electric bill.

Invest In Solar Power Panels

Investing in an alternative energy source can help lessen the electric bill. Solar power panels can be installed as they use the energy from the sun, which is free to use. Also, they can work even if there’s an unexpected power outage.

Solar power also reduces carbon emissions. While you save on your energy costs, you can also save the environment.

To save up on energy use and reduce skyrocketing electricity bills, it is crucial to always think about reducing electric usage. Currently, with lockdowns in place, children are studying at home through online classes, and some employees work from home. Expect to have a higher bill than usual. All these can help you save on electricity and prevent your bill from piling up.

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