Signal Restored: Essential Tools for Cell Phone Repair

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So you decided to get a cell phone repair franchise. As with any business, it would be best if you know how it works from the ground up. It is not necessary for you to know how to repair them, but at least know the tools of the trade. This way, you will have a grasp of how much effort the work takes. And if you need supplies, you know which ones to buy. As these are sophisticated devices, it would take more than a couple of tools to get your job done. Here are the essential tools for repairing a cellular phone.

Screwdriver Set

This is not your ordinary screwdriver set. Due to the miniature nature of cell phones, you will need smaller screwdrivers. Not just the flat and Phillips heads, but Torx ones as well. Phones can be built with different sets of screws for security purposes. These are not made to be serviceable by the end-user, so all measures are taken to prevent opening them up. Since the screws are very small, it would be wise to get a set that is magnetic.

There are other tools that can help organize the work area better. Aside from magnetic screwdrivers, you can also have magnetic bowls. Put all the screws you removed here so that they won’t be lost. Rubber mats help provide a softer and grippy surface. So in case you drop anything here, they won’t roll away easily. Prying tools are also essential as these help open up the device without damaging it.

Magnifying Glass

You are going to deal with small parts. Take care of your eye by using a magnifying glass. These can come in different types. There is one that is mounted to an arm. These usually are large lens with a ring of light surrounding it. This is for you if you want to have both of your hands and your head moving free. You also have the usual handheld ones. These are very portable, and you can easily whip it out for quick inspections. Finally, you can have one that you can wear on your head. Compared to the one with the arm mount, your hands here have more range of freedom. You need to keep a steady head so that you won’t be disoriented.

Soldering Iron

broken phoneThis is the main tool when it comes to connecting leads. The solder is heated up until it melts, and then it is applied onto the leads so that it can connect to the contacts on the circuit board. That is pretty much the basic description of how to use it. There are other consumable supplies for this tool aside from solder. Isopropyl alcohol is also used as a cleaning agent when preparing for the job. You can use flux to melt old solder easier.

Cellular phones come in forms. The expensive ones are considered investments by some and accessory for others. Either way, people want to make sure they are taken care of properly. These tools will come to the rescue in case something goes wrong with them.

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