3 Startup Business Ideas for 2021

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Now that we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, and we’re resuming face-to-face activities one by one, it’s time to get back on track with our pended plans. This includes opening a business. The last couple of years has shown us how important it is to have our own source of income, aside from our regular paycheck. Money earned from our own business will keep us afloat despite being furloughed or worse, losing employment.

For anyone interested in planning to start their own business and have the capacity to do so now, here are three excellent ideas to start with:

Food Franchise

The beauty of going for a franchise is that you hit the ground running. You don’t have to build your business from the ground up, which means less work for you. A business franchise, such as a salad franchise, has a high rate of success, especially that the business is tied to a need: food.

Eating healthy is also something many people are doing now. Nowadays, more people learn and educate themselves about healthy food choices to improve their overall health. That said, this particular market will need more providers for healthy food options and ones that are easy to prepare or good for those who are always on the go.

With a business tied to a need and one that operates using time-tested and well-established processes and systems, a franchise business is definitely something you should consider for your business startup in 2021.

Online Courses

Now that we’ve come to fully embrace online learning, online courses are now in demand. If you are a licensed practitioner, a consultant, a professional, or are knowledgeable about a specific topic or area of knowledge, you can offer your services by offering courses online.

From programming to designing and performance art, you can make use of your skills and knowledge to earn a living on the side while sharing your knowledge with others.

People will always look for something new to learn. In the past, people found it prohibitive to attend classes after work or on weekends. Attending classes after work meant one has to have the time and energy to accomplish this task. But with the current setup, people can access information and take classes without leaving their homes. If you’ve always wanted to share your knowledge and have a knack for training, then setting up and running your own online courses is something you’ll enjoy doing.

Professional Organizer

As we continue to spend more time at home — for safety and basically because we now see the good side of it — cleaning our homes has never been on top of our list until last year.

Now that we’re spending more time at home, we aim to make our space more comfortable for us and our family. After all, a comfortable home is a happy home. With more and more people wanting to make their homes more comfortable for work, play, and family time, professional organizers have become more in demand than they were in the previous years.

If organizing, arranging, and keeping things in order is your major thing, then offering your services as a professional organizer may be the right startup for you. Many people are desperate to downsize and are looking for ways to get their homes cleaned out and organized. Someone who can help them deal with years worth of clutter is what they need at this point and if making spaces functional and neat excites you, then this is the break that you’re looking for.

If there’s anything we learned from living through a pandemic and on and off lockdowns, it’s the importance of having a secondary revenue stream that can keep us afloat should we lose our employment or be put on forced leave.

Having another source of income aside from the regular paycheck will help secure us financially. It will help us keep up with the bills and provide for our personal and our family’s basic needs at any point in time.

With your own business, you can speed up saving for your retirement and have the ability to build a rainy day fund. Using your income from your own business, you can invest in stocks and grow your portfolio to diversify your income.

Starting your own business in 2021 is a good move, especially if you’ve always wanted to start something on your own. And with the available technology, it’s entirely possible to deliver everything online or with a touch of a button. If you think about it, this year is the perfect time to start your own business and finally be your own boss.

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