Being a Friendly Neighbor: Supporting Businesses in Your Community

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You may have been focusing on your own struggles during the crisis. But in reality, small business owners and entrepreneurs are taking a huge blow during such an economic downturn. They risk their own health safety trying to keep the business afloat so that they can continue catering to our local community’s needs while providing jobs to their employees.

Why Local Businesses Need Your Support During the Crisis

In the middle of the crisis, consumer behaviors changed. Some of these changes helped certain businesses thrive during the crisis. For the most part, only essential companies can generate revenue.

Despite the sheltering in place practices of consumers, they are turning to online shopping to ease boredom and acquire their wants and essentials. One might think that many have gone local. In reality, more people are shopping overseas.

Now, more than ever, local businesses need your help. They could use your patronage, so they can stay in business and keep their local employees. But what else can you do if you don’t require the offers of some local brands?

Creative Ways to Support Local Businesses

Today’s challenge is to support your own local community business. The good news is, there are so many things you can do to be a more supportive neighbor. Here are four creative ways you can give back to local businesses in your community.

Explore Products and Services Offered Locally

There are different offers you haven’t tried in your own local community. Why not check out their shops or physical locations and see what else they have to offer? You don’t need to go from one site to another, as most businesses these days are marketing their brands online.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to try therapies like acupuncture treatment but never had the chance in the past. You can use this time to try it out and see for yourself if such alternative medicine can help you relieve your stress, ease specific symptoms, and restore balance in your body. You can use this excuse to visit local holistic centers and start spreading the word about their complete holistic offers.

Shop Wisely

You may not need to taste the delightful menus found in local restaurants right now. You may not even need to shop at the local malls since you plan on sheltering in place for a few more months. But that does not mean you can no longer shop now for later.

Consider shopping for gift cards that you can utilize for future use. You can gift them to your loved ones who are celebrating special occasions. These have long validity dates, which means you don’t need to be in a hurry so that you can use them.

Leave Nice Reviews

It may have been a few months after visiting a local restaurant or any other business in the area. But that does not mean you can no longer show your support. Leaving a lovely review and giving future customers an idea of what they can expect to experience is already a great help to small business owners.

You can visit their social media pages and leave your review on them. You can also check if they are already listed online and found on different online review sites. This way, you can help them through your feedback.

Share Support on Social Media

Most people these days rely on social media for information. We use this to find the people they wish to connect with. We also browse social media to find local treasures hidden within plain sight.

You can hype local businesses by sharing their page with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networking sites. Invest in shoutouts and why they are worth visiting. Tag your friends whom you are sure will enjoy their offers and help them earn new customers.

Don’t Forget to Be Kind

When visiting local businesses, be sure to tip generously as you can. Many employees work tirelessly to serve the community. They are considered front liners since they risk their lives to be there whenever we need them.

Be extra kind when talking to anyone you are talking with. It won’t hurt to engage in small talks. A simple how have you been, a smile as you walk past them, and a thank you are sure to brighten their day.

Local businesses in your community could use your help and patronage during these trying times. Be a friendly neighbor and help them in any way you can. You may not be able to buy from their store every day. But there is so much you can do for them without leaving the house.

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