Taking Control of Your Life: 4 Things that Might Lead to or Hamper Your Growth

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Your life will be full of indeterminable variables and unexpected situations. Comparing it to a river will make sense because you will have to go with the flow of everything you will experience. However, the changing currents and dangerous tides could catch you off guard. Life, while full of the unexpected, must be under your control. If you let things dictate how your lifestyle turns out, the river might end up getting polluted to the point where recovery is no longer an option.   Going with the flow can be exciting, but you should take control of how you will sail. Fortunately, you will be able to adjust to the strong currents when you take over these things in your life.


If you are looking to take control of your life, you have to figure out which areas can provide you with development and stability. Focusing your efforts on ensuring that you are always growing will be the first step towards your goal. You will find that your job will take up most of your time, making it the ideal choice. However, you will find that most elements of work will be out of your control. You might have to wait a while before you get your ideal job position and settle for an entry-level salary for a bit.

Your parents might want you to pursue something close to their respective careers, but you might not have the passion for following their suggestions. Work will take up most of your time in life, making it critical to control what you want to do. The first step is finding your passion and purpose. If you feel happy and satisfied knowing that you will be doing something you love, you will not regret your career path. However, your actions need to cultivate growth and development to help you achieve your goals. Once you have control over your career, you will find that the flow for most of your life will follow.


You will encounter many obstacles that disrupt your flow of life. Most of the challenges will be simple enough for you to overcome, but a few might have long-term consequences that will make you suffer. Your finances can be challenging, especially when you have many necessities and responsibilities to handle in your life. Despite efforts to keep yourself disciplined, you will encounter a few mistakes and hiccups along the road.

Financial loans, delayed payments, and low credit scores could affect your lifestyle and living situation, making it necessary to create an effective and efficient budget. The strategy will help you manage your expenses and create room for savings and emergencies. It will take years of practice and errors to master financial management, but you will find that hiring a professional for personal financial planning can help you get there faster.


You will not swim up and down the river of life alone. Your loved ones and colleagues will be necessary because they can dictate how smoothly your journey can become. Relationships can give you enough support and motivation to pursue the things you need for growth and development. However, you will find that a few connections might end up destroying or disrupting your progress.

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Toxic relationships and peer pressure can be exhausting, but you will learn that you cannot do anything about them. The easy thing would be to cut them off in your life, especially when they start to affect you. However, you might feel inclined to avoid giving up on your loved ones. You can make an effort to help them make progress since you are also part of their journey. However, you will still have to look out for yourself. Some people might not change their harmful behavior and gestures, which could waste your energy and time.


You will receive a lot of comments in your life. Some of them will be helpful, but you will find that most will be critical of your life. People will start to judge you about your personality, your progress, and your lifestyle. Society developed standards that could dictate if you are living a stable, prosperous, and satisfying life. If you are missing one of the elements that you should have during your age, you might expose yourself to criticism that will not help you in any way. It will be tough to hear those comments, but you will have to develop a thick skin to regain your life control. Prevent society standards from dictating your life, which can help make your trip smoother.

Taking control of your life will allow you to make decisions and actions that will prevent regrets. You might need a few pushes and pulls to keep up with the current of your river, but you will find that taking control will help you make the journey your own.

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