Three Forms of Cybersecurity Solutions Companies Should Focus On

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Cybersecurity protects the integrity of a computer’s connected systems, such as the network, software, and hardware, against various cyberattacks. Without a strong security plan, hackers can easily infiltrate the computer system and use personal information and business intelligence in criminal acts.

From shopping, transportation, medicine, and communication, almost every industry now relies on computers and the Internet. That is why cybersecurity has become the primary target among hackers to attack businesses. Whether large or small scale, any company is prone to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals have become more innovative for deploying different online threats to organizations.

With such a high dependency on technology, it is important to know the right measures to reduce cybercrime risks. Below are the different cybersecurity solutions that businesses can deploy to protect data against high-risk cyberattacks.

Human security

Plenty of computer users assume that the threats they need to be wary of are only malware attacks and innovative hackers. This is a common side effect when companies invest their resources in firewalls, spam protection, and anti-virus software while ignoring human security.

In a study conducted by IBM in 2016, 25% of data breaches are effects of human error. These include answering spam emails, connecting to unsecured networks, and using weak passwords. Once an employee performs any of these actions, all cybersecurity solutions will become useless.

Aside from investing in security solutions, an organization’s database infrastructure should be the core of IT operations. Hiring SQL server admin services can support all business intelligence systems and critical applications. Having a Microsoft SQL Server can increase data security. This works best for businesses that handle sensitive data and client information.

Conducting comprehensive security awareness training for employees will equip them with the knowledge and skills to protect the company from various cyberattacks. You can get support from third-party organizations that offer in-house seminars on cybersecurity education.

The training will educate employees about the different forms of cyber threats, such as ransomware, worms, and Trojan horses. Employees will also identify the capabilities of each malware to know the signs when a device gets infected.

Conducting security testing is also important to ensure the employees have fully understood the right security practices. It can help an organization reinforce the best security strategies that employees must adopt. The goal of security testing is to reduce a company’s susceptibility to all various forms of threats. A little Google search offers plenty of software solutions to carry out security testing among employees.

Perimeter security

This type of security solution acts as a protective barrier between the company network and the internet. These are some technologies that an organization should secure: from web services, cloud technologies, mobile phones, to computer devices. A cyberattack can be extremely dangerous if all these devices are in a vast web of connections, allowing the malware to invade the entire network.

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To prevent such threats, the organization must establish a strong perimeter security network that will safeguard essential information, services, and applications. Some examples of perimeter security include firewalls, spam protection, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

A firewall serves as a set of protocols that control network accessibility by monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic. Firewalls scan payload sources and determine if they are trustworthy. They also block different forms of malware from entering a network and prevent employees from distributing sensitive data beyond a company’s private network.

Aside from the firewall, using an IPS can identify malicious network activity and random intrusions. In simple terms, it offers comprehensive solutions in recognizing potential hackers who want to make changes in the existing malware to prevent detection.

On the other hand, spam solutions perform their wonders by blocking ads and flagging emails to prevent employees from opening suspicious emails. They also come with a “safe-browsing” feature to ensure the safety of a URL destination.

Intranet security

Another form of cybersecurity solution is intranet security. It aims to protect computers and other devices from malware attacks that attempt to invade the local network. Anti-malware and updating/patching software are two of the most common solutions for intranet security.

The Internet offers plenty of anti-malware services and tools to block malware infections on protected and unprotected computers. They also come in different payment plans depending on your preferred security packages.

Cybersecurity is a serious matter. Whether a company has online accounts, a website, or any web-based infrastructure, anyone can be a victim of a cyberattack. As cybercriminals continue evolving the threat landscape, any organization needs to use the best security solutions to develop effective security approaches to protect their data and operations.

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