Why Trees are the New Main Attraction in Commercial Districts

aerial view of city with trees

We all know that trees are especially popular during the holiday season and in suburban villages where each neighbor competes to have the best fruit-bearing lawn decoration. But these days, trees are seeing a sort of renaissance in their place in society.

While the past few decades would see thousands of trees vanish for the sake of new skyscrapers and business centers, the commercial district has started to bring back more foliage in their architecture.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

As the commercial district starts going green, lawn and landscape service companies are seeing a boom as more people require professionals with the expertise to care for the trees properly.

After all, it goes beyond simply planting a tree and leaving it as is. With each client having their own desired aesthetic, these experts are able to know which specific tree variants can thrive in which location. They know how to best maintain the trees and even offer maintenance services.

This goes beyond aesthetics, too, as trees have to be maintained so that they don’t overgrow in such a way that might hinder other plants or even become a hazard to passersby or existing structures.

Each variety also requires different pruning, water, and lighting methods in order to thrive, but it has become a norm and even a practice that businesses specifically have a green area. These days, offices even allow their employees to care for their own small potted plants, as it adds visual stimulation, eases the mind, and is good for airflow.


Planting trees has become a big thing across the world, as part of the effort to reverse the effects of climate change. It seems to be effective, as reports say that the world now has more trees than it did three decades ago.

A good combatant for the air pollution that litters busy commercial districts, it’s no wonder trees are being prioritized to add to the quality of life in the area. Studies have also shown that commercial zones that have trees and visible plant life result in better productivity and even end up boosting the economy by enticing more passersby and tourists to hang out (creating more consumers).

Recent unfortunate events seem to have also spurred this reignited desire to see more trees, with major rainforests in the world suffering major losses in vegetation. Many efforts for tree planting have since spread across the internet, with many groups pooling in donations to plant a tree for every dollar given and other similar tactics.

Branching Out

commercial building with trees

Many industries still use the byproducts of trees rather than using them as they are, uprooting them and cutting them to be used in a variety of things people use everywhere. Although these practices seem to be far from stopping, alternative methods are already being developed and sustainable practices continue to be implemented.

With districts recognizing trees’ other uses that have dwindled as they were removed, both communities and local governments are starting to work on getting trees back in major districts. With their effects on pollution, flood management, and energy conservation, bringing trees back has shown to be a more cost-effective solution that is also healthier for the environment.

As the commercial landscape embraces this and consumers see even more pro-planting branding and messages, it’s beginning to look like we can breathe easily and safely in the future.

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