Yes, You Can Make Your Own Beer at Home

The process of brewing beer requires four essential ingredients, which are water, yeast, fermentable sugar, and hops. Before you start brewing, you need to understand these four ingredients because they are vital for an excellent batch of brew.

You will need to understand every ingredient’s essential qualities and how they are meant to interact with one another.


90% of your brew is made from water, so you need to use tasty water if you want to make an enormous difference to your blend. Sometimes, the tap water found at home has a good taste, so you can use it if you want. But if you think that it doesn’t meet your taste, using bottled water or distilled water is a good option. If you go with tap water, you will need to eliminate the chlorine and any chemicals that could mess up with the process of brewing. To do this, boil the water then let it cool down before using it.

Fermented Sugar

The commonly used fermented sugar for a homebrew recipe is the malted barley. Yet, some brewers add some percentage of wheat, corn, rice, or other grains so that the beer will have a lighter flavor. The new brewers need to buy malt extract or malt syrup. Though malting the grain from is possible, this attempt is very complicated and a touchy process that is not recommended for beginners. With an extract of malt, you can guarantee that the fermented sugar is ready to be used, and it will act effectively throughout the process of beer brewing.


This ingredient comes from a hop vine, and its look is a cone-like flower. The Hallertau Blanc hops give a flavor of bitterness to the beer so the sweetness can be balanced. Hops are also giving inhibit spoilage, and it helps in keeping the “head” around longer.


The most important thing to remember about yeast is to never use bread yeast for brewing the beer. There is a cultivated yeast for beer brewing, and you should get it for this process. The beer brewing process starts from mixing a mash of malted grain with hops, then ferment it with ale yeasts or lager. When choosing for the yeast, you need to know your preference with the beer because they give different effects for your brew. The lagers are crisp, golden, and light, while the ales are darker and more alcoholic.

Always Sanitize for Protection

Cleaning and sanitizing your equipment and work area is critical before you start with the brewing. Doing these steps will help you prevent spoilage and avoid unpleasant-tasing beer. Opening spoiled beer after waiting for weeks for fermentation is the saddest situation for every brewer.

Are You Ready to Brew?

mug of beer

This simple recipe will be your guide for the entire process. The first step that you need to do is to create the wort, which is a soupy combination of sugar and malt, which is boiled before the process of fermentation.

With malt and sugar, you are making the best food for the beer yeast to grow in so you can proceed with the rest of the fermentation process. If you are looking for a place where you can get all the ingredients for beer-making, your local brew supply store may be of help.

You may also check some beer outfitters to see if they can provide the things – and maybe some extra ingredients you need.

As soon as you have completed all the ingredients, and you have the needed equipment, you are ready to start the process of beer making.

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